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The Struggle is Real - Don't Go It alone.

Self doubt, being overly critical, a lack of peer support and no access to industry experts. Not to mention feeling like an imposter, endless distractions, and a lack of constructive feedback. These challenges are ones that composers face on a regular basis. 

When you work by yourself, it can be hard to keep motivated and inspired.

Being endlessly creative without support can cause you to question yourself and your work.

Not knowing how to improve, whether you need to buy new sample libraries, or where you can ask questions and gain advice can cause procrastination and a lack of confidence.

These problems are all part of the composer’s journey - creativity will never be plain sailing or a simple question of following the steps. But, becoming part of a nurturing group of peers and experts will not only make success more likely - it will make the process more fun and enjoyable!

Becoming accountable and joining up with like minded individuals will boost your confidence and your output.

Introducing... Protege

This is why we’re setting up the Protege subscription, a membership space that will boost your focus, creativity and the enjoyment you get from your work.

Protege School is a private community for committed composers who want to grow, learn and flourish. For composers who want to collaborate and improve their writing skills and their mindset. 

As part of Protege School you will get:

  • Access to experts in music theory, business, production and composition
  • The chance to take part in interactive writing sessions
  • Education and Immersive training workshops with industry experts
  • The opportunity to grow your professional network
  • The chance to collaboration and gain peer support and feedback in a safe space

This is why we’re setting up the Protege subscription, a membership space that will boost your focus, creativity and the enjoyment you get from your work.

Positivity is Key

Above all Protege School will be a safe and nurturing space. Opportunities to share and improve your work will be provided. And perseverance, consistency and kindness will be rewarded through money-can’t buy opportunities with industry experts. 

Protege School - a safe and accessible space

The need for safe and nurturing spaces that can be trusted to provide acceptance, development (of creativity and mindset) and camaraderie has never been more important.

  • A community that welcomes members from across the globe - from diverse backgrounds including race, gender, ethnicity, orientation, neuro-diversity, and physical ability. Our collective will be affordable and accessible.

  • It will offer the chance to connect and build relationships with like-minded composers that can lead to collaborations, opportunities and the chance to develop through positive and helpful feedback.
  • Protege School will be a safe and encouraging space to ask questions - of experts and peers - to experiment with ideas, practice briefs, commit to challenges and competitions, and learn and grow without fear of judgment or rejection.

  • Our creative space will be a focused environment to accelerate learning and networking. A positive space to fill gaps in your knowledge, and grow your career as a composer.

Inside Protege School

As a member you will benefit from: 

1. Private Community

  • Focused groups for discussions around developing your skills around theory, composition, production, business, and mindset
  • Private 1-to-1 messaging between members
  • Exclusive zoom calls
  • Access through an app so that you can logon on the move
  •  Activity rewarded with money can’t buy experiences and prizes that will help your writing.

2. Curated practice briefs

You will have access to professionally written briefs and you’ll be supported by live writing workshops and community based feedback.

3. Exclusive Content

You will have access to professionally written briefs and you’ll be supported by live writing workshops and community based feedback.

Writing Workshops

Targeted workshops to help you work on any of those areas you feel need improvement, whether it’s drum programming, mixing orchestras or straight up beating your inner critic.

Theory Courses

From absolute basics to understanding full scores. These courses will help you to feel more confident when recording with live musicians and also build your knowledge for future projects.

Music Production Courses

We are all expected to be able to compose, mix and master our music but it is HARD. That is why we believe it is so important to have access to industry experts that can help us learn what we need, when we need it so that our mixes sound polished, professional and huge.

Music Business courses

The music industry is large and varied. Not to mention hugely overwhelming and confusing (contracts anyone?!). Our ‘ask the experts’ live videos will help you navigate the confusing world of the music business so that you can feel comfortable dealing with contracts, license fees and any other legalese you may encounter.

4. Direct access and support from the Protege Team

Throughout your journey with the collective you will be supported and guided by our team. We will be welcoming you from the moment you login and supporting you in any issues you may have and making sure that you get the most from the collective.

Creative & Caring Composers Wanted

We are hugely excited about The Protege Collective and we are looking for other like-minded composers.

You're a good fit if you...

  • Are driven and understand that hard work and positivity go a long way in this industry. 
  • Are eager to hone your skills, fill your knowledge gaps and help others by sharing your feedback.
  • Feel brave enough to be vulnerable and ask questions when you need support.

You're not a good fit if you...

  • Are someone who believes that success comes quickly and easily.. 
  • Prefer to surround yourself with people who look, think, and act very similar to you in both business and in life.
  • Are not ready to share your ideas, questions, challenges, and needs with others for their constructive feedback.

Feel like you’re a good fit?

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What Protege Students are Saying

"Protege is just amazing because it's targeted. You say - ok we want this kind of music for this kind of application, let do it! This is where you fell short, this is where you succeeded. It's just amazing.."

Alex O'Hagan

Thanks again for all you do for Protege. I could talk for hours about how much I'm loving it. It's the best thing I've done in years! Thank you."

Pete Readman

"It's just amazing, these techniques, I use them all the time now, they're all over my composition. But, it's not just that, you also have an assignment every week. Creating tracks based on this genres, it's the practice that takes you to the next level. You're not just learning by watching something you're learning by doing it."

Anna Eichenaur

"I feel like I have learned so much and improved so much at my production skills. I have gotten better at percussion, capacity to write tracks quicker and properly responding to feedback, there is more of a future for me in the library world than before I started."

Jared Marchman

"Vik does an amazing set of lectures on the industry itself. You learn so much more about music libraries and how to contact music supervisors, editors, the dos and don'ts, it's priceless information and I've learnt so much about that already."

Oliver Gardner


We've got A's for your Q's

What is Protege?

Protege is the one and only production music school that not only teaches you the practical side and theory of music but it also gives you direct insight into the business side of the industry. Offering real world opportunities to get your music placed in Movie Trailers, TV, Video Games and Advertising..  

How do I sign up and create an account?

Follow the sign up buttons on this page.  

Does Protege have an iPhone & Android app?

It does! Search “Protege School” in your app or google play store and you’ll find it.

What kind of content does the app cover?

Music Composition, Guest Lectures, Theory Courses, Production Courses and most important of all, it houses our community of Protege members and industry professionals.  

How does the community work?

The community is an area where all our students and team members will be active daily. This community is all about pushing each others craft and working together to create the best composition possible.  

Will there be new content released?

Every month a whole new batch of content will be released for you to dive into.  

Will there be regular live calls?

Yes! In fact, every month there will be a mixture of writing workshops, theory calls, production lessons, Q&A’s and “fly on the wall” writing sessions. All of these will be live with our members.  

Does it matter what timezone I’m in?

No. The Courses you sign up for will be available to you at whatever time works best for you. Our members are all over the world. Some have full time jobs, some part time and some are already professionals in the industry. We’ve built this course to work for everyone.  

How much time commitment is required for the membership?

Your time commitment is completely determined by your own schedule. Some of our members have full time jobs, some part time and some are already professionals in the industry. We’ve built this course to work for everyone.

Which music genres will we learn about?

Our tutors cover all the genres that we consider to be relevant to our industry of production music and sync licensing. Everything from Hip Hop to Epic Orchestral and Anthemic Indie to Horror Sound Design. The right tutors for the job cover their specific genres (between us we cover A LOT of ground).  

Will there be opportunities to get my tracks reviewed?

Yes. in our community we encourage you all to post tracks and review each others work. Our team will also be active on the community adding insight and tips to each months assignments.

Which payment methods can I use for the application fee?

Our payments work through Stripe. We’ve found this payment method to be the most secure for both parties.  

Can I request a refund/What is your refund policy?

We offer a 21-day satisfaction guaranteed full refund policy for subscriptions. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your membership. If you aren’t satisfied, simply send an email to Please note that this refund policy does not apply to live events and individual course purchases.  

Do I need to know music theory to be eligible for the subscription?

No. However, we do cover basic to advanced music theory as one of our monthly courses. Theory is not a requirement to find success in the industry, though with Darin offering monthly courses and zoom calls, we would love for you to take the opportunity to learn the
basics of theory or fine tune the more advanced knowledge you already have.  

I don't play an instrument. Can I still apply for the Protege course?

Yes! Some of our most successful colleagues in the industry do not play an instrument.
Don’t let that put you off.  

What software programs and plugins will I use/need?

A DAW of some sort (Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton) will be your minimum requirement. Any extra small libraries or 3rd party plugins are a bonus but expect advice and suggestions from the community and our team on what’s the best to buy. If you have nothing other than a DAW, maybe hold off and wait for some advice from our experts.  


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